Best Camping Gear: 5 Must-Have Items for Every Camper

Now that May is almost gone, we are in the prime of camping season. It’s time to get out on those trails, pitch a tent, climb some trees, build a fire, and a slay a bear (just kidding! Please don’t hurt bears). 

But seriously, camping is the best. Who doesn’t love getting away from work, telling your boss you won’t have reception in the woods, and enjoying actual life and being human for a little bit. It’s the best.

Plus, camping has some of the best gadgets and doohickies found in any hobby. So if you’re the kind of guy or gal who loves tools and cool gadgets, then camping is definitely for you.

To help you gear up for the season, we’ve compiled a list of 5 awesome items every camper should have in 2017. We won’t be focusing on the basics, like tents or packs, but on some things you may not think about.

5 Must-Have Items for Every Camper in 2017

Campfire Chair

Folding Camping Chair

An awesome campfire chair is essential. Who wants to sit on a log or tree stump all evening? Your back will be killing you in no time.

Plus, without cup holders, you’ll be kicking over your beer all night!

When looking for the perfect chair, look for something with a cloth back and seat, as this will be the most comfortable. Also, make sure it has cup holders for your drinks, and armrests.

The rest is up to you! There are dozens if not hundreds of awesome campfire chairs to choose from.

Solar Powered Torch Light

Solar Powered Torch Light for Camping

While some of us prefer to cut the artificial lights when communing with nature, preferring to chill in the flickering light of burning logs or bask in the eerie moonlight, you’d be one bad Boy Scout if you didn’t bring a flashlight when camping. But, a flashlight is only as good as the batteries that power it.

Now, if you’re asking yourself the logical question, “how will I charge my flashlight in the woods if my batteries die?” Well, there’s an easy answer to that. You can use a solar powered torch light!

To use a solar powered torch light, simply expose it to light during the day, letting her charge up, and let it shine at night when you need it. You’ll never have to worry about batteries dying again!

Solar powered torch lights are small, discreet, and will fit in any pack easily. Plus, they feature USB for charging your other devices.

The modern camper definitely needs one of these!

Light up Tent Stakes

Light Up Camping Stakes

A common mistake many campers make, especially when imbibing a little sauce around the firepit, is to get up for a tinkle, stumble through the dark, and trip or clothesline their self on a tent stake or rope.

It’s the absolute worst! Who wants to fall over and look like a fool in front of all your friends? No one!

That’s why you need to get yourself a set of light up or glow in the dark tent stakes. These handy little stakes will keep you from making a clown of yourself or possibly getting hurt in the dark.

Arctica Tumbler

Arctica Tumbler

An awesome temperature controlled Arctica Tumbler is a must-have for all campers. In the woods you don’t have a microwave, so if you spend a half hour building a fire and making coffee, you want it to stay warm.

Same goes for water. After treating and purifying water, it’s already going to be less cold than when you got it out of the river, so you’ll want to get that delicious water into an Arctica Tumbler as soon as possible!

An Arctica Tumbler will make or break any hike. Who wants to sip lukewarm water after trekking deep into the abyss of the American woodlands? No, you want a delicious sip of crisp refreshment. And in the woods, that’s only possible with an Arctica Tumbler.

Portable Bag Shower

Sure, you may be one of those types who likes to “rough it” when you’re in the woods. You may think, “I don’t need no stinking shower. I’m a rough and tumble woodsman!”

Very well, that may be the case, but after a week or so, you’ll be stinky, itchy, and ready for a rinse.

Instead of dipping into a river, which may contain all sorts of predators, you need to get yourself a portable bag shower. These are basically large 5-8 gallon bags that you then fill with water. The bag acts as a reserve that you can tap through a hose with a showerhead on it and rinse yourself off. It’s genius!

If you have any ideas for other awesome camping gadgets, let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for cool new toys!

June 05, 2017 by Arctica News Crew

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