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Arctica Tumblers takes beverage containers to an entirely new level. Our team of obsessively focused engineers have created a suite of products that solve every problem you’ve ever experienced while drinking from a reusable container. 

The Arctica Tumblers unique design, featuring double-walled stainless steel and vacuum insulation, keeps your cold beverages frosty and your hot beverages steamy. No other tumbler offers the benefits of Arctica at the same unbelievably low price.

The ingenious structural design of Arctica Tumblers allow you to truly brave the elements and take your beverage wherever your path leads, without compromising the quality or temperature of your drink.

Aside from the temperature control and environmental benefits of eschewing one-time-use plastic bottles, the Arctica Tumblers contain numerous design benefits that will absolutely blow your mind! Let’s take a look at five features that separate our products from the often higher-priced alternatives on the market.

Five Unbelievable Features of Arctica Tumblers

Break-Proof for Around the Pool

Anyone who owns a pool or frequents public pools knows about the dangers of glass receptacles. If glass breaks in or around the pool, the pool must be completely drained and cleaned. Because of water’s translucent properties, glass cannot be easily spotted when shattered into a pool. This means anyone swimming or walking around in a pool with broken glass is subject to potentially dangerous and harmful injury. 

The cost of emptying and refilling a pool is quite high, hence why all public pools have restrictions against glass beverage containers in or around the water. 

In contrast to glass receptacles, Arctica Tumbler’s stainless steel construction is 100% pool-safe and break-proof. With an Arctica Tumbler, you can enjoy the beverage of your choice while floating atop the water on a hot summer day. And you never have to worry about creating a potentially costly and harmful hazard to fellow swimmers. 

Small-Sized Bottom for Cupholders 

Is there anything more annoying than waiting in line to purchase a beverage, only to then get in your car and find the container doesn’t fit in your cup holder?

As to why anyone would design a beverage container that doesn’t fit in a cup holder is beyond us. Thankfully, with Arctica Tumblers, you’ll never have to worry about encountering this maddening situation.

Whether you opt for the 20 oz. or 30 oz. tumbler, you’ll be able to comfortably fit your beverage into your car’s cup holder. Our crack team of tumbler enthusiasts specifically designed the Arctica Tumbler to have a smaller base, which fits in your cup holder, allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel and focus on the road. And don’t worry; your coffee will still be piping hot when you reach the office.

Different Colors for Everyone 

While color may not seem that important, it certainly is to some. If you absolutely hate a certain color, why would you want to drink from it everyday?

 That’s exactly why we offer a full suite of nine different colored tumblers to choose from! 

Not only will your beverage remain at its intended temperature, but you’ll be able to express your creative side by drinking from a tumbler with the color of your choosing.

Arctica Tumbler Bottles Fit in a Bicycle Cup Holder

Riding a bicycle can be strenuous and highly intensive exercise. When exercising it’s extremely important to remain hydrated. The problem is many beverage containers do not fit in the typically smaller-sized cup holders attached to the frame of a bicycle. 

While plastic water bottles and the like do fit, they lack the temperature control of an Arctica Tumbler, and who wants to hydrate with hot sunbaked water?

With an Arctica Tumbler Bottle, you can securely fit your beverage into your bicycle’s cup holder and more fully enjoy your exercise knowing that an ice-cold gulp of water awaits you at the end.

Anti-Slip Rubber Base

Have you witnessed the strange effect of phantom slipping? This is when you place a beverage down on table and the condensation sweats through the container, creating a sheath of moisture that causes the container to start slipping on it’s own. When this happens, your drink can slide right off the table and spill all over the floor.

Arctica Tumblers are immune to phantom slipping on two fronts. Not only does the double-walled stainless steel design prevent your beverage from sweating, keeping your hands dry, but our tumblers also possess an anti-slip rubber base guaranteeing your beverage will remain exactly where you left it.


Arctica Tumblers are a beverage-lover’s dream. Our amazing team of designers has solved problems you didn’t even know existed. With any one of our amazing products, you’ll experience complete satisfaction knowing that you can take your beverage anywhere you go and it’ll taste just as good as the second you poured it in.

Only with Arctica Tumblers can you truly brave the elements!

May 19, 2017 by Arctica News Crew

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