These Amazing Tumblers will Change How You Drink Booze Forever

“Lukewarm” may sound like a character on a bad soap opera but it’s also an appropriate word to describe how many people feel about tepid beverages.

Drinking liquids, for most, is an extreme sport: we like our hot drinks hot and our cold drinks cold, and we want them to remain that way until the very last drop.

Arctica Tumblers, with their innovative dual-wall vacuum insulation, keep your drink the way you want for as long as you want.

Gone are the days of comedic spit-takes when your piping hot coffee has gone cold or your iced latte is as refreshing as a soda left in the trunk of your car in mid-July!

Arctica Tumblers: From the Outdoors to Adult Pours

Since the company’s formation, Arctica Tumblers have helped outdoor enthusiasts “brave the elements” as their slogan suggests.

But now Arctica Tumblers have a new line of Life Style Tumblers for those of us who prefer floating in a pool on a giant inflatable slice of pizza to whitewater rafting down the Colorado River.

Do you like your Chardonnay chillier than an October night in Maine?

Do you like your lager colder than a Hawaiian on an Alaskan cruise?

Do you want your vodka to feel like it’s still in Russia?

Then one of the new Arctica Life Style Tumblers is for you!

Perfect for a pool party, picnic, outdoor concert or any event where a cool cocktail makes the situation feel that much cooler.

Check out these awesome boozy tumblers!

Arctica 12-Oz. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Sipping wine from the same insulated tumbler you use at the gym may seem like a good idea while you’re lounging at the pool. But, notes of Sauvignon blanc are the last thing you want when you hit the treadmill the following day!

Besides, wine should be savored not guzzled. You’re relaxing, not battling the last 200 yards of an uphill climb.

You need a classy wine tumbler to match your refined sensibilities.

The Arctica 12-oz. stainless steel wine tumbler employs the same vacuum seal insulation technology as its Arctica Tumbler big brother, so your hot toddy will stay hot and your chilled pinot grigio will stay chilled.

As a bonus, the clear, press-to-seal lid will prevent any unwanted spills in the pool.

18 Oz. Stainless Steel Mule Mug

Some people are “handle” people. They would rather drink from a mug or a stein than a wine glass or a pilsner glass.

The Arctica 18-oz. stainless Mule Mug lets you extend your pinky with pride while sipping your Moscow Mule or Irish Coffee.

Because of the handle, the Arctica Mule Mug does not have the same vacuum-sealed technology as the other Life Style products, yet it’s still dual-walled which means your drink will stay the desired temperature for as long as you desire.

However, just like the other Arctica Tumblers, the technology prevents sweating on the outside of the tumbler. If only a technology existed to prevent guests from sweating on your new outdoor cushions!

As a bonus, the Life Style products are all top-rack dishwasher safe because who wants to hand-wash dishes after enjoying a few cocktails?

64-Oz. Growler

“A cold one” means beer.  There are few things in life more disappointing than a cold one that doesn’t live up to its nickname.

Beer lovers rejoice! The Arctica 64-oz. Growler will keep your beer cold until the very last sip!

The Arctica 64-oz. Growler’s screw-on lid and cap remove easily so you don’t waste any time getting to your favorite brew. And the lid does double duty as a convenient cup. The cap is attached to the lid so the pair will never be separated.

The handle will help you easily lift all 64 ounces without fear of spilling a precious drop.

If you don’t like beer, the Arctica 64-oz. Growler can easily hold 2-½ bottles of wine. It’s a perfect addition to your Arctica Wine Tumbler or Arctica Mule Mug.


October 04, 2017 by Arctica News Crew

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